Filling out the FAFSA the right way

Why So Many Families Don’t Receive All The Financial Aid They Are Entitled To.
The FAFSA online application is over 63 screens and requires a compatible web browser and a properly configured printer. You may also encounter challenges with the server’s ability to handle the volume of users. The odds are already stacked against you and we’ve only discussed the FAFSA so far. Add the CSS PROFILE and any other institutional forms to the mix and what do you suppose the odds are you’ll make a mistake causing you to lose financial aid?

The following notice was posted to all Financial Aid Administrators regarding the FAFSA online application.

Posted on: February 11, 2002
To: All Financial Aid Administrators
From: Central Processing System
RE: FAFSA on the Web

Due to hardware issues, the FAFSA on the Web site has been inaccessible since 2:30am Eastern time today.

The PIN web site is affected by the same hardware issues and while some pages are accessible, all functions are down.

At this time we do not have an approximate time when the site will be available. However, a team of experts at our data center is working on the problem and we’re optimistic that we will have full service restored shortly. We will distribute any additional information as it becomes known.

Thank you for your patience.

The paper FAFSA is more reliable than the FAFSA online application, but not any easier to complete. The paper FAFSA consists of 8 pages and 145 items, including 3 worksheets with 45 items. While the paper FAFSA is more reliable then completing the FAFSA online application, you still have a 1 in 7 chance that your FAFSA won’t be processed. Since financial aid is based on a first come first basis, it is imperative that your FAFSA and CSS PROFILE are processed as early as possible even so, there is still a great chance you may have made a costly mistake. To see some of the most common mistakes parents make on the FAFSA form, be sure to download our 7 FAFSA Tips page.

Why Do So Many Parents Make So Many Mistakes on the FAFSA?
The laws governing federal student financial aid programs are over 409 pages of the smallest legal type you’ve even seen. Unless you’re are a financial aid consultant, it doesn’t much matter if you complete you FAFSA application online or offline the odds are against you.

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