Burger King Scholarships – Learn more about it

About Burger King Scholarships Program

The Burger King Scholarships program has been awarding more than $15.4 million to high school students and employees across United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Since its commencement, in the year 2000, the burger king scholarships program has felicitated, and financially aided millions of meritorious students and employees across these countries. In addition to the burger king scholarships, this program has introduced four new big scholarships that include a king award of $25,000, and three other James W. McLamore WHOPPER scholarship award of $50,000. This scholarship program has been very popular in United States and other neighboring countries, and draws millions of students from across the world, to pursue studies and career in these countries. Read more to learn about the eligibility criteria and how to apply for burger king scholarships.

Eligibility criteria for Burger King Scholarships

burger king scholarships logoBurger king scholarships applied for by students and employees must have the following eligibility criteria to qualify for such scholar’s program. From a general perspective, to apply for the burger king scholar’s program, the applicant must be the resident of United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Moreover, he should be graduating from grade 12 in Canada, or high school seniors in US and Puerto Rico, or home school education from Canada, US or Puerto Rico. The applicant for burger king scholarship must possess an average high school grade point of 2.5 or more on a scale of 4.0 or same. He must also be enrolling for a full time education in an accredited college, or any vocational school in US, Puerto Rico and Canada. For the employees scholarship program of burger king, the applicant must be a resident of US, Puerto Rico and Canada; an employee of Burger King Corporation or franchisees, or dependent children of such employees. The educational qualification and scores remains the same as the general criteria. Moreover, there are certain enrichment programs in addition to the burger king scholarships introduced by Burger King, which you can apply for essentially if you are an employee of Burger King Corporation or franchisee.

New introductions in Burger King Scholarships

Burger king scholarships have been immensely popular in United States, and other adjoining countries like Canada and Puerto Rico. In addition to the lucrative scholarship amounts and ample opportunities, Burger King Scholar’s program has introduced various new norms and privileges for the applicants interested in burger king scholarships. It says that all employees of the company, field and corporate, and restaurant franchisee, their children and high school seniors can now apply for this scholarship. You can now use the scholarship in accredited universities, colleges or vocational schools, or also in accredited educational programs that include language courses and computer classes as well. More lucrative scholarship packages have also been introduced that include awards of $50,000, $25,000 or $5000 as well. The upcoming scholarship is dated on November 15, followed by February 15 and 28 in year 2012. Check with the burger king scholarships for these upcoming events, and grab the most out of it.